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AWKWARD IN LOVE is released and here is first review
5.0 out of 5 stars
A totally delicious story of love between two men of different cultures
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A totally delicious story of love between two men of different cultures; a very Australian man, John and a young man of Turkish extraction, Ilhan. The story is at times funny, at times sad. Cultural clashes cause problems until both young men try harder to understand each other. Although their ages are comparable, John comes across 
as quite a bit older because of his difficult early life, while Ilhan seems young precisely because of his happy childhood and social clumsiness. They have to learn about each other’s differences to deepen the love they have for each other. I love the way Lily depicts her characters, with anecdotes that bring them totally to life. And I have trouble believing this is only the second book she has written. So, very well done, Lily


My Second Story- AWKWARD IN LOVE

My second story “Awkward In Love” will be available on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing as of tomorrow 10/10/2015

AwkwardInLove-CustomDesign-JayAheer2015-smallpeviewI am so excited and nervous!!!


Blurb- “Ilhan started off on the wrong foot with John, and somehow he always seemed to stay there. When the college student hastily looked away from the apartment building’s hunky maintenance man, John thought he was stuck up. When he tried to get John to knock on his door by leaving his trash out for pickup, John though he was a messy tenant. All he wants to do is get John’s attention, but he always seems to do it wrong…
John’s always seeing the little Turkish twink strutting around like a little peacock, in his too-tight clothes, but it’s hard to ignore that perfect little ass, no matter how bad his manners are. He’s nice to the other tenants, John knows, so he must be cold to John because of his job as a “mere maintenance man.” Too bad, because John would love to see what’s under those clothes.
Yet when one of Ilhan’s more embarrassing moments brings them together, each realizes they’ve been mistaken about the other, and also, so right. And all the awkwardness between them is washed away…
But when Ilhan’s conservative Turkish parents come to Perth to visit, and find their son locked in an embrace with another man, the stress of their demands could tear the two lovers apart…”