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Angela’s parents died in horrific circumstances a few years ago, about the time she had last seen her childhood home—a quaint, old cottage situated deep in the woods that holds many secrets.

Angela’s return to the cottage in the mysterious woods intends to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for her to ease back into a time that held an easier and simpler life. Yet, in her slumber, she dreams of a woman with flaming red hair. Baffled yet intrigued, Angela wonders who the woman is she dreams about.

After a chance encounter with a stranger who ironically resembles the woman in her dreams, Angela’s life changes forever as she learns more about herself and the woods surrounding the quaint cottage that has a set of secrets all its own.

#Fantasy #MagicalCreatures #GuardianOfTheForest #Lesbian #Romance #Mystery #HEA #FreeKU $1.99

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Boundless Love and the rest of my MM stories

Unfortunately due to sales saturation and limited further sales, I needed to stop publishing my four stories. What was happening is that my “foreign  transaction” fees were higher than my sales which obviously wasn’t desirable. I hope to release “Stay With Me”, “Awkward In Love”, “The Nameless One” and “Boundless Love” in one ebook soon.

I am sorry for causing any inconvenience to readers.