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A short fable for you

He was the only nameless one among his kind, the result of his mother’s forbidden affair with a human…his wings were broken, his body was crushed, and he was imprisoned in a bottle, freed only to grant the wishes of whichever greedy human found him next. And there he stayed, alone….
“The Nameless One” is a fable, a fairy tale, a love story about two broken creatures who are made whole at last.
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I reviewed “Scarred” by Mia Kerick



What a powerful, emotional and thought provoking story. The story is multi-dimensional on so many levels, that I struggled to have a break or notice my surroundings. I was so immersed in the story I even forgot to get off at my train station. Yes, I realized I missed my station after a few stops…

I don’t know whose element was more powerful, Matt’s or Vedie’s because both of them made me feel all choked up. These two beautiful souls with awful histories captivated my heart and I suffered with them and felt happy with them throughout the story right up till the last page.

I adore Vedie for his compassion towards Matt. This younger male’s gentleness as well as his vulnerabilities helped Matt to start truly recovering from his past.

However dear sweet, wonderful, tortured and wounded but so socially inept, and in a way so naïve Matt stole my heart. He was a survivor of all sorts of abuse. His story broke my heart. Matt’s pain and coping strategies felt real and congruent, so I cried for all victims and survivors for going through all that hurt and then move forward in life.

However their story is more than the abuse they experience but also is about their sexuality. The story vividly shows us how bigotry and cruelty impacts on a person. As I was reading “Scarred” I appreciated and deeply respected the author’s message about how one’s sexuality is diverse and unique and can never really be fitted in a pigeonhole. “Scarred” is about accepting and respecting people for who they are.

I’m trying very hard not to give you any spoilers because this story is about two wonderful men’s journey, of their recovery and finding unconditional love.
~ I was personally asked to review this story from the author. Thank you Mia Kerick for giving me an Advance Reader Copy of “Scarred”. ~

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