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I reviewed “Blood Master: Book 1 of The G.O.D.s Series” by Kirsten Campbell

Pure creativity

This story is more than a post-apocalyptic science fiction story. It’s filled with such imagination that as a reader I felt like I was ensconced in the story and experienced a raft of emotions.
One must not be lulled by the slow start because you’ll miss crucial details. It’s written carefully with an impeccable plot.
Griffin ticks all the boxes for me * swoons*
Characters are solid and the dynamics between them kept me reading


I reviewed “A Rose In Bloom” by Allysa Hart


A beautiful story

Wow…what a story. I think this is the first erotic romance drama that I have ever read involving a married couple in which spanking and BDSM was a part of it. I love BDSM, spanking stories but all the ones I read previously were about couples at the beginning of their relationship. In this one the couple have been together a few years and were dealing with their marital issues. I absolutely loved it. The way Keith and Rose recovered from their hurt and confusion was nothing less than beautiful. Their story had a few cute kinks too ( I won’t mention what they are because I want you to experience the same pleasure of surprise in discovering them). This story was well written with awesome established characters. The plot was refreshingly enjoyable. The twists and turns made sense and certainly glued me to my seat right up till the last page. I loved the end.