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A Galaxy full of stars from me for “Old School Discipline” written by Misha Horne

Misha Horne simply dazzles me with her stories.
Her voice in this story is strong and mesmerising to the point that I didn’t go out or get out of the bed today until I finished her “Old School Discipline”. I emerged from my room at 3pm today and rejoined the world after a thoroughly enjoyable reading session. Last night it was well after midnight before I fell asleep with my Kindle so this morning I glued myself to the bed.
This story was filled with surprise after surprise. The complex but lovable characters made me wonder whether the boundary of their relationship were going to be blurred….but it did not. The author’s engaging story kept teasing me and making me re-read some pages because I was so caught up in the dynamics such that I had to regurgitate it to immerse myself in the story.

Percy was amazing. I kept thinking about his role in the story but he was the wise man who contained this bunch of troubled young men. I adored him.
Each young man had their own emotional baggage, yet each one’s fallible ways made me keep praying they’d be alright despite being annoyed with them at times. Yes, I was 101% emotionally invested in the story. I felt like I was living among these guys like a spirit in the corner of a room, witnessing all their trial and tribulations.
The dialogue between the characters was so masculine and youthful yet so wise and at the same time so lost due to their life experiences. All I could do was to chew my nails and keep reading.

Near the end, I cried while re-reading the end several times because I was so emotional…wow. A beautiful and meaningful story written with great insight into personal tragedies and heartfelt struggles. This story was like a decadent complex layered cake that I longed for more of it.
Bax is the ultimate tortured hero in this awesome kinky and emotional story. I simply adore him.


5 stars for “Not So Smart”

This review is from: Not So Smart (Not So Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

#Gay #MM #BDSM #Dark #Kinky #Emotional #MustRead

My goodness….what a great story.
I went shopping with my kindle, so I didn’t stop reading Josh and Damon’s story.
One minute I was Josh and then the next I was Damon as I read “Not So Smart”. I lived in the story emotionally and understood both sides. I loved Both Damon and Josh… my heart went out for them a bit too. I have no idea what Josh’s issues were, but I think he found his other half in Damon and vice versa.
Beautiful story, deeply emotional yet never lost an inch of its kinkiness. I’m a sucker for characters and their flaws, dynamics and emotions, so these were the reasons I love this darkly erotic tale. “Not So Smart” is one of the best stories I had read in ages. I applaud the author for writing this deeply emotional, sexy and endearing tale of two young men.