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5 stars- A deeply emotional story

The beginning of this story was so dramatic and emotional it just simply grabbed my utmost attention. Reading further, I felt shaken, emotional and tearful. It literally felt like I was in the room with Sam and later with Sam and Nash.
What made the story so different and unique is the way the author wrote about Henry and the other survivor’s lives who were stranded on an island for years. The part how Henry rescued little Buddy made me tremble because I felt like I was in the water, freezing and feeling the tight clutches of this little baby desperate to survive. Wow. Just. WOW! This story was written with great depth of empathy and compassion. Their time on the island makes this story blockbuster movie material, in my opinion. I must say I was drawn to their lives.
The way Henry and the rest of the survivors were found was another emotional journey for me. Yes, I was bawling my eyes out. But by then Sam was engaged to Nash. That part was heart breaking but so realistic, after all Henry was missing and deemed dead for years.
I congratulate the author for writing this complex and deeply emotional story. Each character had their own tale to share, personality that was solid, congruent, well established and certainly unforgettable. Nothing was missing. This story was crafted carefully to the point it reminded me of how lace is made…delicately crafted and formed yet so solid.


5 Stars review- A beautiful story about two men who come from different backgrounds.


5 Stars
A beautiful story about two men who come from different backgrounds. One coming from a very religious family while the other grew up in a rich environment. The love they found in each other is beautiful to read about, especially how they met and came together.
Their relationship starts very quickly as they are so compatible in heart and mind. I really like that a lot. The other thing that I liked about this story is the way it touches social issues without spoiling the core of the story which is about two wounded heroes.

The characters are not only lovable but unforgettable. The plot is well crafted and executed. What I like a lot about the story is the almost poetic writing style. It had a nostalgic essence, reminding me of old fashioned stories, yet very sizzling with the love making scenes.