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I reviewed Lynn Michaels’ new story

I think Devon and Jason’s story is a refreshing MM romance story with a strong hint of modern Gothic fairy tale fiction elements.
Although “Want You Mad” is a very short story, it stirred strong emotions in me and left me thinking about the characters all through the night and into the next day. What can I say? I am impressed with the author’s skills and imagination because I loved experiencing these whimsical moments.
Even the title told me a lot about the story and drew me into it, just like an old fairy tale! How cool is that! This story was a gateway into the unconscious… our collective unconscious.
The protagonist was a two faced, lying, manipulating man. Unlike in an old fairy tale, Michaels’ story cleverly greyed the boundaries in the story by making the protagonist appear to be a villain. Actually he was a villain for a short while… This character had so much Gothic elements that his archetype was screaming for my unconscious…so he became unforgettable for me by achieving the ultimate fallible wounded hero.
Like many fairy tale stories this story brings our attention to making a terrible mistake with awful consequences but it stops there and challenges the reader with a twist. Unlike the goriness of a Gothic or Grimm Brothers like story, there is no physical gore here….just merely letting the reader see another type of goriness…emotional, psychological, dark and gloomy goriness through Devon’s eyes.
Then comes James who outsmarts our lovable villain Devon. At the end of the story, Devon outsmarts the formula of average fairy tales and our expectations, suddenly becoming the selfless hero, proving that James was right all along and making us sigh with relief. He showed me the old fashioned yet still so powerful “triumph of the weak and small over the mighty.” The unspoken but strong feeling of Divine Intervention was also beautiful. This story was a wonderful blend of sadness, darkness and situational futility, yet with being selfless comes the great glorious happy ending.