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What are you reading this weekend?

I am reading LuAnne Turnage’s “The End Begins”


There is an unseen world. A world not often made visible to the human eye. In this unseen world, demons and angels exist and fight each other for the human soul. As the days grow darker and the end times grow closer, the humans grow colder to what is good and what is evil.
Come and walk for a short time, if you dare, in the shoes of angels and possessions of the demons.
In this world, my friends, there is a battle on for souls.
So come nearer, and you will step into a world of government conspiracy. But, be warned, the demons are sneaky, the angels are protective, and normal everyday humans are still unaware.
So come for a ride, my friends, and see if the veil is lifted from your eyes


My New Release on Amazon #FreeKU !

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Since 1954, the Dowling House remained unoccupied until George and Melissa purchased it, hoping to renovate it for a profit. Their dream for a new lucrative business encounters a few challenges, but they can be easily overcome….or can they? Join George and Melissa on their amazing journey into the supernatural, but be warned, it is very engaging and you might not get out alive.

 I reviewed Eva Pasco’s new book.

5 stars- I shall reread this story again and again
Toni Home Perm, Flexible Flyer Snow Sled, Hula Hoop, Mercurochrome, Fishnet Stockings, Beatles, Mohair, Go-Go Boots, Aluminum Christmas Tree…and, the beat goes on.
Reading this book filled me with nostalgia and it certainly brought a smile to my dial! It is funny that despite cultural differences and et al, most of us seem to go through similar experiences that makes us go all teary or giggle or turn pink.
This is the second book of Eva Pasco that I have read. Both are different but very engaging books. I remembered a lot of things mentioned as I read the pages… I really liked that a lot. Also reading this book helped me to understand the author better and the way she looks at life and self and for that reason, I can only thank the author for being so delightful and honest.