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Amazon Review for “Barbatus”

Anatolian #Historical #Romantic #Shifter #Fantasy with #MythicalBeings

“A beautiful story from this author, written well and plotted for an intriguing storyline. I loved the shifting scenes for Barbatus as he changed into his vulture bird. The endings twist almost brought tears to my eyes, but it finished beautifully. Gorgeous sex scenes included for them. Ohh not to forget the funny banter and games between Aylin and Barbatus too, I had to giggle at them.
Aylin was sick having struggled with a lung problems for years. Being sold by her uncle forced into a brothel until a lynch mob found her desperate for help. Managing to escape she had nowhere to go… the sky called to her to go the mountains above for her new destination.
Lady Cybelle guarded the mountain on alert for danger, when Cybelle was woken by a presence.
Barbatus noticed the girl new to their special mountain. Protective of the shifter community he watched to see what she did. An absolutely gorgeous story to read with humans, shifters and Gods all included.”

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