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I reviewed Joker (Executioners Book 2) by J.M. Dabney.

Jackson, who is known by his friends as Joker, raised my maternal instincts. This male suffers from complex trauma and the quality of his life is totally restrained because of his childhood traumas. He is an emotionally virgin adult who has a very warped idea about intimacy whether it is sexual or emotional. …naturally I wanted to adopt him and show him unconditional love.
Demetri who has a disability is no weakling. He sure knows how to fight for those he loves. Thank goodness, it was Jackson he chose to love. Their story was an emotional rollercoaster for me. I was tearful one minute and smiling the next. This story touched me deeply.


A Review for BARBATUS

#Vulture #Shifter #Fantasy #Romance $0.75
#Review– A unique shifter romance!-
When Aylin is cast out of her home and driven to the mountains by the prejudiced townsfolk she finds herself with a series of bad luck that becomes life threatening.
Her presence on the mountain does not go unnoticed however. Barbatus has been living there for hundreds of years before this woman showed up, yet he is drawn to her. This story has a fairy tale feel with great romance! Its a unique story line for the shifter world! If you are a fan of shifters, you’ll love it!

I reviewed “Ghost (Executioners Book 1) by J.M. Dabney

I love Gideon!!! He was a gentle red haired giant with a heart of gold. I absolutely adored at how the author showed this awesome protagonist as the representation of our humanity where we have the ability to look beyond what his eyes saw. He recognised more than Harper’s beautiful face. He saw her kindness, gentleness and how fast she was giving up on the hope to live a life where she felt accepted and respected.
Harper stole my heart. Her struggle felt so real that I was bawling my eyes out at times. Can you imagine living in a small town, feeling trapped and still trying to be herself? Readers will see what I mean when they read the first few pages. It was so poignant, centring our focus on the mental health issues and suicidality among LGBTQ community.
This story is beautiful, heart warming yet tragic but has a positive ending. I highly recommend it to others.

I reviewed “The Taming of Violet” by J.M. Dabney

The world needs more Gio’s to help wounded souls like Violet to recognise they are wonderful people. Violet represents someone who had complex traumas as a child and still had heart and compassion. This rough diamond is still a diamond in her core and the way Gio recognized that priceless value was the day his life became filled with love, passion and joy. I loved how the author did not focus too much on Violet’s sad past but instead on how she coped and managed her present moment. The story is a beautiful blend of sex, passion, kink, compassion, love and recovery. I am now an official fan of J.M Dabney.



“Nameless One” is a #MM #Fantasy #Fable

#Paranormal #Gay #MM #Fantasy #Fable $ 1.99
#Review– ” … It’s a bit of genie in a bottle but the Nameless one was so much more. ….A really easy read that keeps you turning the pages…”

#Blurb- Born as the result of a torrid affair, rejected by his people and banished to a life of misery.
Exiled in life, the Nameless One is bound to a life of servitude. Of endless wishes being granted to unscrupulous masters, greedy and salacious lives being created.
There must be more to life than the pain and suffering that must be endured as penalty for indiscrete liaisons? Perhaps a life on opposite planes could be the salvation. Or does it just toy with the futile hopes of a distressed soul that imagines an existence of forbidden love and contentment.
The future is never certain but one must always be ready to grasp life if an unexpected opportunity is presented.
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