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A #MustRead from Eva Pasco!

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I reviewed “Nothing Ever Happens” by Sue Brown

This story touched me deeply because the author wrote about the struggles of two fathers, one being bisexual and the other a closeted dad with deep compassion and respect. I lived their pain, passion, insecurities and joy as I meandered through each page. One minute I was tearful and the next moment I was smiling with pleasure.
It made me think how hard being gay must be and keeping it very quiet to protect your child or being married and finding it so difficult to end the marriage because of the children. Not to mention avoiding hurt upon the mother of the children. My goodness, the dilemma, shame and fear left me lost in thought for days.
This is a fully emotional contemporary story filled with sensuous moments, humor and fragility. I LOVED IT!

A review for “The Dowling House”

Reviewed by Love2Read

Haunting read…– The Dowling House is a gripping, hold your breath horror story! In fact, it gave me the chills as I cautiously flipped through the pages. The author did a great job with past and present and kept the reader engaged throughout. The attention to detail was credible and as I delved further into the book, I wondered if A Drew had experienced a spooky house of her own. All in all it was a ‘haunting’ read and I’d recommend The Dowling House to all lovers of the macabre.


A review for Barbatus

#Review- “Romance, Shifters, and Gods, oh my!

When Aylin is cast out of her town after a series of unfortunate life events, she decides to go where the vengeful townsfolk are afraid to wander, so she climbs a mountain in the wilderness. Little does she know who resides on that mountain.
Barbatus has lived in solitude for ages, only rarely traveling down the mountain. He and his shifter companions are perfectly happy keeping to themselves until one day a woman ventures in, and his life will never be the same.
This book reminds me of a fairy tale retold! The author’s imagination and use of ancient myths is wonderful and keeps you desperate to know more!” 


Nameless One

#MM #Fantasy #Paranormal #Romance #FairyTale $1.99

#Review- “Ms. Lamb is becoming a weaver of words that I immensely took joy in reading. I fell in love with these young men through their pain and sorrow.

Egann & Faine’s story is a love story. A fairy tale to be sure, but a story of their very own for their happily ever after.” — Pomma

Ninia Sebae

$1.99 #Paranormal #Fantasy #Faunus #FF

#Review- “I loved the mixture of genres. Fantasy, Romance, F/F and even learning who and what Ninia is. The characters are developing nicely. It is like an adult fairy story I can’t wait to see where the story goes in the future…”

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