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I reviewed “Snow Falling” by Davidson King

“Tell nobody your name.
Tell nobody your secrets.
Trust nobody!” Quote from Snow Falling
These are the rules of the streets… Imagine living on the streets with this motto, how dreadful that would be. This story grabbed my attention from the first paragraph till the very last sentence. I barely slept so I could keep on reading.
“Snow Falling” is one of those unforgettable stories that I know I shall read again and again. That is how I rate books, based on whether I lived in the pages and wanted to visit the “venue” and follow the characters like a ghost.
Snow and Christopher’s story was filled with nail biting moments that were either filled with angst or sizzling erotic scenes. As I read, I sometimes giggled, sometimes laughed out loudly but also got teary eyed and filled with compassion. Yes, reading this story was one hell of a journey for me.
I finished the story in the morning and it is night time now and I am still thinking about the story and re-living some of the scenes, especially B’s scene. When you read that part you’ll know why.
Incredible plot. Amazing dialogue. Unforgettable characters. I now would love to read Bill’s story. He kind of touched me.


I reviewed “Curl Around My Heart” by Londra Laine

That’s it…I am moving to Tate’s neighbourhood *packing*. I wish Tate was in my neighbourhood so I could go and get my hair done at his salon. He is sassy, kind and always soldiering on. As I read each page, his character formed in my head and heart as if he was real. At times I was so emotional and teary, championing for him.
Reece? Oh, my… What an awesome dad. He works so hard despite his low self-esteem and never quitting. He wore his heart on his sleeve for those he loved. How could I not adore him? LJ, his daughter, is in good hands with her dad standing beside her.
This story started so well. I wished this hair salon existed. Everyone from customers to the staff were wonderful. As I read, I was jealous that I was not there to join the gossip and giggle.
Wonderful story. I look forward to reading this author’s other books.
curlaroundmyheart_Final Cover

I’ll keep writing….

It took a few years for me to recover from a male MM author’s personal attack on messenger for writing MM stories. I was devastated and hurt. I don’t write for fame and money. Let’s be honest here, I barely sell and the last time I was paid did not even get me a loaf of bread. I shall keep writing LGBT stories to promote equality and #LoveIsLove concept. #PanPower#MM #FF #MF #TransPower #LGBTQIArights 


A New Release from Natasha Knight!

Congratulations Natasha Knight!!
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I’m the right-hand man of the mafia king.
She’s a girl with a past she’s desperate to hide.
But I need something from her.
And I know she won’t help me. Not willingly.
She’ll need some persuading.
Lucky for her, I can do that.
Something about this girl makes me curious, though, and it’s more than the scars that line her back. She’s on the edge of something. Something bad. She’s like a perfect, beautiful doll coming apart at the seams. And the last string is about to snap.
She thinks I’ll hurt her. Break her. But thing is, she’s already broken. And she and I, we’re two peas in a pod. She’s my match, the perfect opponent. She’ll fight me to the finish, but I’ll win. I always do.
Because I’m a man used to getting what I want. And what I want is her.
Author’s Note: Giovanni is a STANDALONE dark mafia romance set in the Benedetti Brothers Mafia World. It’s an emotionally gripping enemies-to-lovers romance with a hard-earned HEAnatasha1


curlaroundmyheart_Final Cover.jpgTitle: Curl Around My Heart
Author: Londra Laine
Editor: Jae Ashley
Cover Art: Aria Tan
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: July 24, 2018
Rating: 18+
Page Count: 168
Word Count: 61,923
Themes: California, single dad, beauty shop, contemporary, neighbor romance, African-American, drug addiction
At Pearl’s Hair and Nails, no one questions Tate Robinson about his high heels, crop tops, and lipstick, because he’s the boss and he can wear what he damn well pleases. The shop is his life, and he doesn’t need anything more. Until a man walks in with his adorable daughter, and Tate has to untangle her helmet-hair…and his growing feelings for the single dad.
Reece Evans has been on his job for years, has his own place, and now has custody of his eight-year-old daughter. But he doesn’t trust himself to avoid screwing up. Adulting is not his strong suit—or so he’s been told.And now a sexy beautician, who also happens to be his new downstairs neighbor, has Reece wanting and reaching for more than he thinks he’s capable of.
As Tate and Reece move past their own fears about relationships, Reece’s ex issues a threat that could destroy everything. Will Reece’s worries about other people judging him undermine his budding romance? And will Tate’s fear of rejection make him push Reece away? Or have the sweet single dad and his precocious daughter curled too tightly around his heart to give them up?
***Please be aware that this book contains references to drug addiction***

The little knucklehead gave him a sly grin. “Maybe if you ask Mr. Tate on a date, he won’t be so cranky and he’ll do my hair?”
Reece snapped, “And what makes you think he’d even want a date with me anyway?”
“’Cause he looked at you the same way you looked at him,” LJ said matter-of- factly.
“And how is that exactly?”
LJ did what he assumed was an impression of the way he and Tate had allegedly checked each other out. She pursed her lips, looked at Reece, then turned her head away quickly, then snapped her head back toward Reece again from head to toe.
“That’s how you both looked at each other,” she said, shrugging, stuffing her mouth with the last of her roast. Well. Damn. He pushed away from the table, rising to his feet.
“Well, I’m not doing this alone. Put your shoes on. We’re going downstairs.”

About the Author
Londra Laine
A forever-man for every man
Londra has loved to read since she discovered The Baby-Sitters Club. As a child, her parents would ground her by taking all the books out of her room for several days. Londra began reading romance in 2008 and fell in love with the M/M romance genre after purchasing a book by accident several years later.
After decades of daydreaming, and jotting down story ideas, Londra decided to give life to the characters in her head. She writes to give her guys the happy ending she wishes everyone––no matter their race, religion, gender, or orientation––could experience in real life.
During the day, Londra is a communications manager for a consulting firm. She is a recovering journalist. Londra loves the New York Yankees,Seinfeld reruns, tacos, and Friday nights on the couch with wine and a new book.
In 2010, she moved from her native California to New York City where she lived in Harlem for nearly eight years. In early 2018 she relocated to Seattle with her husband

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B G Thomas - writer

BEN: My husband and I would like to make the official announcement that we have asked Noah Willoughby to become a part of our family and our lives. And to our joy…

NOAH:  …I have happily accepted.

BEN: I am sure some of you have pieced it together, but there were many complications that had to be worked through before we could say anything official.

NOAH: The most important thing was that I made a brief trip to Washington over the 4th of July to talk with my family about all of this. I wanted them to hear it from me and not find out through Facebook or gossip.

BEN: Noah and I first met online through Twitter around four years ago. We instantly became friends and to our surprise, the friendship quickly grew and grew until we realized we were developing feelings for each other. This was weird…

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A Review- Nameless One

#MM #Fantasy
A powerful tale!
By M. J. C. K. on July 4, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Faine was discarded as child for his physical disability but rescued by an elderly woman in the woods who raised him. Just about the time he was coming of age as an adult, the forest decides that its time for him to hear the story of the nameless djinn and his struggles. But is it just a story?
This is a fantastic story about triumph over hardship and about love, told in the tone of a fairy tale. It’s a new spin on djinn stories and paranormal romance in general. You’ll be glad you picked this up!