Nameless One by Lily Adile Lamb

Thank you so much for reading my fable!!! I am in tears as I read your beautiful review. ❤

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What an enchanting read.

With an old world fairytale feel reminiscent of Grimm’s Fairytale with a softer edge and an mm twist, the author took me back to when I first fell in love with reading. I loved the similarities to Beauty and the Beast and Little Red Riding Hood yet completely it’s own story. I have a feeling that the author shares the same reading roots as I and the respect is shown here. I have read several books that have taken on the fairytale theme but it’s rare to find one who not only embraced it, but has given it new life and made it soar. A beautiful read from start to finish. The fact that there aren’t any sex scenes, instead the author kept true to the feel of the story with suggested emotional scenes. It was the perfect approach. I highly recommend this book and…

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