I just watched “THE CURSE OF THE WEEPING WOMAN” #WeepingWoman

Yes…The darkness of her soul reaches every corner of the Earth and she will find you no matter where you are. This movie was enthralling, dynamic and suspenseful. It had full-on action throughout. I think it was screaming for a sequel!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
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I read “The Device” by Maria Siopis

BLURB- An elusive and dangerous serial killer is terrorizing New York. The murderer’s method of operation is baffling and grotesque. There seems to be a specific purpose for the killings, but no one can quite grasp it.
When two police detectives arrive at the first crime scene, their dislike of each other is evident, and they immediately collide. Fiona Sapiro, head of the newly conceived New York Special Force unit, urgently seeks to become involved with the investigation and help end the deadly assaults. Sophie Andrews, a detective from the nearby precinct where the murders occurred, rejects all offers of Fiona’s participation. Both women desire an end to the bloodshed and the capture of the killer, but first, they will need to put their differences aside to solve the crimes.
Over time, the killer becomes progressively more arrogant, and the carnage at the crime scenes intensifies. As Fiona and Sophie are forced to accept collaboration, their relationship deepens. Will they finally acknowledge they are a perfect fit, or will they run away from feelings that both deem perilous?
One thing is certain … the killing must stop!

MY REVIEW- When Fiona and Sophie who were two police detectives arrived at the first crime scene, I first noticed Fiona’s attraction towards Sophie and then Sophie’s overt defensiveness towards the other. The crime scene is grisly and indicated the activity of a serial killer. The author did a wonderful job in showing the mind of a serial killer. I felt that she really understands the mind of someone who is clearly not just mad but also very bad. The characters were congruent throughout the time, some fallible, some cunning and manipulative. I was able to picture the scenes in my head as I read the sentences and that kept me reading page after page. Until the author allowed me, I couldn’t figure out who the killer was and even then there were surprises. At one stage I found myself speed reading because I got so excited, but then I had to stop myself. I simply had to go and make a coffee so that I could go back to reading at a slower pace because there was no point in reading fast….no one was going to stop the killer by reading fast. Yes, I really enjoyed reading this story. To me, a story should be judged based on its entertainment value. Good editing only enhanced the quality of this well plotted story.  #ActionAdventureRomanceFiction  #FF #LGBTQI #Suspense #Thriller 

Dark Terror Series #3- Entombed

A razor sharp story that entwines elements of horror, friendship, love and the power of faith…
An innocent teen’s attempt to engage with his recently deceased grandfather takes him down a white river journey, as he traverses the supernatural world before he finds himself out of his depth. The well-known psychic, Phil Spiers is called upon for assistance by the household and he eventually reaches a fork in the road, balancing a fine line between overcoming evil dominance and a developing love interest. It is full of twists and turns including a diverse suite of characters who will engage the reader in a desperate race to the end.
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The Dowling House

I feel like I won an award !! Since thank you for reading and reviewing my story!!

Horror Reviews By the Collective

Melissa and George’s attempt to renovate the Dowling House for a profit turns into a journey into the supernatural.

The tl;dr Review:

For a short read story, this is pretty good. Proper application of supernatural elements and a well written backstory make for an interesting read. It’s one of the more compelling stories I’ve read this year. Intriguing, sometimes mysterious, and fast paced, A. Drew’s The Dowling House makes for a scary good time.

The Full Review:

I’m not usually one for non-graphic novel horror, but The Dowling House is one of those good stories that’s impossible to put down (or in my case, switch my phone to another application).

This is one of those good reads that just makes for a chilling experience as you venture into the unknown.

From start to finish, A. Drew’s The Dowling House is a story that oozes horror, with some very…

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A review for Born Into Chaos

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REVIEW – The author’s vivid description and visceral storytelling relate a tale which takes place across the centuries through a blend of genres: paranormal, romance, fantasy, and myth. The reader feels Adamas’ anguish wrought by ostracization and isolation, unaccepted by either world he treads, and in desperate need of being loved.
Most endearing to me—the contents of chapter 20 and beyond, for its focus on a destined, though seemingly unlikely relationship between Adamas and Phoebe. The roller coaster ride beset with conflicts and overwhelming strife had me reading with apprehension over the story’s outcome. $2.93 or $0.00 KU