Can love endure vast gaps that may exist?


Onur had been a happy young man working on his father’s farm up to the point of when he was kidnapped by traders. Therein his misery began. A skirmish between palace guards and the traders ensued, and in the end, he was left for dead along with a few others.
Jinn, on the other hand, never wanted to be an immortal, but he was trapped as a spirit form in a cave, alongside a murdered man’s body for centuries. Those long years weren’t enough to appease his anger until by chance, he was freed. His time had come to seek revenge, only interrupted by the presence of a young man who was kidnapped by traders and brought to the palace. The body in the cave became animated, saving the injured young man. Now Jinn had not only the human to deal with, but also a meddling zombie.


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